Why Buy a Used Subaru

When considering buying a new car, the first decision you need to make is whether you want to buy a brand new or a used car. And while nothing is quite as satisfying as being the first person to drive a car, buying a used car has some great benefits.

Here are four distinct benefits to buying a used car.

  1. Price. Used cars cost less than new cars. This means you'll have a smaller monthly payment and have more money left in your pocket. Insurance costs are also typically lower for used cars.
  2. Depreciation. New cars take a huge hit in depreciation as soon as you drive off the lot. Depreciation occurs much more slowly with used cars.
  3. Variety. When buying a used car, you have the option to buy any year, make, and model you want. Does an early '90s Subaru catch your eye? Or perhaps you're looking for a true classic. Whatever you want, you are sure to find it in a used car.
  4. Value. Everyone wants more bang for their buck and with a used car that is exactly what you get. Perhaps there is a brand new model you can afford. If you take that same budget and look for used cars, you will get a lot more technology and lot more features, giving you better value for your money.

Here at Ed Shults Subaru, we have a constantly changing inventory of used cars. Stop by Ed Shults Subaru today and we'll show you how these great used car benefits can work for you.