Subaru Off Roading Tips

Heading off-road is an exciting adventure whether it's your first time or your hundredth. Having the best experience possible is the idea. If it's your first time taking your vehicle off-road, it's fine to be a little nervous. Obviously you don't want to damage your vehicle or get stuck. Here are some off-roading tips to get you started and prevent your off-the-beaten-track fun from disaster.

  1. Check the weather report before you leave home. Getting caught off-road in the rain can change the terrain drastically and even more experienced off-roaders could find trouble. Even worse, if it rains enough, you could end up in a flooded area and that's something we wouldn't wish on anyone.
  2. Be familiar with your vehicle before taking on advanced trails. Knowing the ins and outs of your vehicle is essential to tackling the challenging terrain ahead. Ground clearance, vehicle width, and power are all items to take note of before hitting the trails.
  3. Fully prep your truck before heading out. A full tank of gas, tow rope, spare tire, first aid kit, shovel, air compressor, plenty of water, food, map or GPS, and cell phone are all essential items. Getting stuck, injured, or lost is sure to put a damper on your adventure.
  4. Sit in an upright driving position and relax! This is supposed to be fun. Stay at an even pace when hitting trails no matter the obstacle. Whether you're heading toward mud, sand, or hills, maintaining a constant momentum will make pushing through obstacles much easier.
  5. Bring a friend just in case something should go wrong. If you don't have a second vehicle tagging along, stay near the road. If you get stuck or breakdown in the middle of the trail, it'll take quite a while for someone to find you and help out. Consider the friend your backup plan.

We hope these tips will get you and your new Subaru out on the trails safely and help you have a lot of fun in the meantime. Be sure to check out what trails we have near just right here in our area. If you have any questions about taking your Subaru off-road or helping make it more compatible for off-roading, be sure to stop by Ed Shults Subaru and talk to our service experts. We can take care of your Subaru and make sure that it's more than ready for the open trails. Happy trails!